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    Delete thread

    So, have you figure this out on how does it work?
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    [REQUEST] Client multilanguage

    I am looking for a flash_texts_vars selector so user can switch the client language. I think the tutorial already made but I couldn't find it
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    How did you find Habbo or Retros

    From my brother around 2008, we usually play together. The habbo ads with the hand caught his attention,he registered on it and chiling at the oldskoolpub xD. After that, I tried it by myself until I found an image (old school gui). from that point, I felt curious and googled it and found...
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    Whats your New Years Resolutions? (2017)

    Driving license and to be love again :D and im thinking of short gateway away from people
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    So, you own it?

    So, you own it?
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    [REQUEST] RevCMS Login via email

    How do I make people login their account using their email not username? This is to prevent people from hacking/spamming account.
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    RageRP EMulator

    Nice emulator
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    have you check {url}/ase ?
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    Akim nigz

    Akim nigz
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    Ninja Saga Server Files? if you have would u mind sharing it?

    Ninja Saga is shit nowadays , gl with this .
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    Christmas lol

    Christmas lol
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    Minecraft Submissions (Christmas Competition 2014)

    tooks me 10 minutes finding the village and 40 minutes to decorate it. Album:
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    PC [EU/US Servers] Outbreak MC - [Zombies, Guns, Loot]

    Is the server up? I can't connect to it.
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    Sports Thailand vs Malaysia

    Who will win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014? Predict the score!