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    Problems using proxy on the client with COMET

    Capture the ip before the user enters the client. And remove the ip update on the emulator. Only idea I have: /
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    Bug with the Wired Chase (MoveFurniToUserBox)

    You can migrate accounts, badges and other data, but I think furnis will be difficult, but not impossible.
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    What is the name of this cms?

    What is the cms of Leet Hotel? I saw her in some other hotels, an example is the Rise.
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    Diamond Gift Box

    I use Comet!
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    Diamond Gift Box

    How can I structure the Diamond Gift Box on my emulator? Would I need some packet? If you don't know which furni it is, I'll show you below: @Sledmore
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    HabboPixelCMS [2019CMS] [Original]

    The images folder is missing
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    Otanix Emulator [Renamed]

    This emulator has big bugs and it is necessary to redo the roommanager and pathfinder. But the emulator has coded several very cool features.
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    Butterfly Emulator was the most stable emulator ever?

    They had 600 users 1557752388 The comet server was tested with 6,000 users in a Brazilian hotel! It's a great emulator.
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    Butterfly Emulator was the most stable emulator ever?

    I've always liked Butterfly, I've never had bad experiences with it, there are excellent emulators today, but I remember that Butterfly used to have more than 4000 connected users and today there are some emulators that can barely support 400 ... And you agree that Butterfly was the the most...
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    Does anyone have the cms of, or any similar?
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    are you a girl?

    are you a girl?
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    How do I change speech bubbles in .swf?

    My .swf has these speech bubbles, but I want to leave the patterns just like Habbo, where can I change them in .swf? 1552700602 Resolved!
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    How can I change the color of this?

    Resolved. Thank you