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    HTML/CSS Responsive question

    Hello Skythrust, I've never done a pagination yet with arrays and JSON so I wanted to give my input on it! Get the JSON file and decode it into an array. $file = file_get_contents("persons.json"); $persons = json_decode($file,true); //print_r($persons); The json_decode (above) has an extra...
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    [HELP] Client Disconnect After Connecting

    Yeah, things are working now. I installed Chrome just to see if it was my cache. Thanks for your help!
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    [HELP] Client Disconnect After Connecting

    It turns out that my cousin can get on. That's odd. Is something blocking the local host? Client: var flashvars = { "client.starting" : "Please wait, SHotel loading", "hotelview.banner.url" : ""...
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    [HELP] Client Disconnect After Connecting

    The client loads, connects, and in a split second; disconnects. I see the Habbo Navigator/main screen in that second. I'm using HabboExtreme CMS and Silverwave EMU. Has anyone had this issue? What did you do to resolve this?
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    Scream and Shout - Kapooya Mix

    I got bored so I decided to remix these popular youtube videos into's Scream and Shout Ft. Britney Spears. Enjoy :)
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    Nooby question.

    You could make a page in the admin panel and have the option to reset respect. You will need to write this in PHP. The line would something like this.. MYSQL database information UPDATE users SET respect = 0 Edit: Becareful though, make sure you backup the users table. UPDATE can sometimes...
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    I Portfowarded

    External Variables will require your domain or your actual ip address. Do not put your local ip, outsiders will not be able to access your hotel.
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    Help i need my server :[

    You'll just have to wait until the databases are back online. You can only download legit copies from their website.
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    How to view users pw?

    My very important passwords use alphanumeric + symbols + capitals. Crack that? Impossible.
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    Phoenix Emulator Failure [HELP]

    Your CMS isn't connecting to your server properly. Nothing wrong with your server. Make sure all the ports are configed properly in your settings tables.
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    RevCMS Client help
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    Phoenix Emulator Failure [HELP]

    Your picture says "MY IP" Are you using localhost or an external MySQL database?
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    RevCMS Client help

    IIS only serves static content (HTML). You will need to download Web Service Extensions to get it working.
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    RevCMS Theme..

    Learn some simple HTML and CSS. Once you practice enough, you can make some nice layouts. w3schools is a site to learn from.
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    a little question.

    I believe when using IIS, you will need plugins/addons to make your webpages work. Keep this tip in mind.