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  • I have a problem with youre tutorial. When i go into my room i spawn outside it and cant get in. Even with teleport i cant get in. How do i fix this ?
    Hi there was wondering if you could add me on discord 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁#5111 sorry for the weird name will need to copy and paste but i have run into some issues with the tutorial
    hey i need some help, when i ran my client nothing showed it was a white screen.
    i cleared the cache and it didnt work.
    my discord is Neon#6996
    Looking for some to build us (RubyNetwork) to build a Habbo hotel.

    Budget: 35 euro.

    Yoo, ive got a question. I followed your whole tutorial, but for some reason when i enter the homeroom, im somewhere in the sky? cant walk nor teleport either. yknow the solution for that?
    hello My name is Michael Skog if someone need a staff member. just take contact with me here i will give you help. but i dont got some experience when it comes to dev. but owner and other staff membership is working good :). have a nice everyone and hope you all will like to play habbo retro like many of you does. in my country it is midnight now so good night and sleep tight :)
    thanks, i already fixed that. the only thing right now is that only i can connect to my server, + when opening my furniture i get disconnected
    How did you fix it ?
    Hey man, I followed your tutorial to the T yet when I start PlusEmulator.exe - ensuring that all the files you changed were changed - I get a 404 error "Object not found!" error. Help!
    Hi..... , I need your help with some bugs in my plusemu habbo retro, please add me on discord... Croc #8687, pleaseeeeeeeee. Ill really appreciate it if you can fix one of the many bugs
    hey i have a question about the habbo retro tutorial could you add me on discord please Callum
    Hello SentimentalX, I really liked your video "[Devbest Series] [Ep. 1] How to create a R36B Habbo Retro using XAMPP". In the comment section of the tread you said I will show you in the next video how to do this on a vps, Does that video already exists? If you have any time on your hands I hope you can contact me. Discord: Tylerr#8741
    Hey, I have a few questions about setting up a habbo retro. Contact me on Discord: nilled#8166, thanks.
    Hi Man! Thanks it is almost working for me. My Habbo is starting in a corner and when I use :teleport and click in the room, my skin appears and then disappears.. This is also happening with pets and bots.. How can I fix that?
    You can add me on Discord: Rick#2911
    Hey bro, I know you might have a fix for this but my furnis arent showing on the store or in the room, also i am not able to buy HC or new clothing
    If you use discord, please reply with it and I'll help you through there.
    eriicriioz#7454 im new to discord and havent learned
    Salutations SentimentalX!

    My name is Ai, I am the Operations Director and Owner of gHotel - we are currently on Pg. 1 of FindRetros.
    We have had a little internal issue, and are now looking for a productive, active, and level-headed Developer.

    If you are interested,
    Please add me on Discord: Ai#1558
    I'm afraid I am no developer, my sincere apologies.
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