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  • Looking for some to build us (RubyNetwork) to build a Habbo hotel.

    Budget: 35 euro.

    Yoo, ive got a question. I followed your whole tutorial, but for some reason when i enter the homeroom, im somewhere in the sky? cant walk nor teleport either. yknow the solution for that?
    he aint gunna reply ur wasting ur time
    hello My name is Michael Skog if someone need a staff member. just take contact with me here i will give you help. but i dont got some experience when it comes to dev. but owner and other staff membership is working good :). have a nice everyone and hope you all will like to play habbo retro like many of you does. in my country it is midnight now so good night and sleep tight :)
    thanks, i already fixed that. the only thing right now is that only i can connect to my server, + when opening my furniture i get disconnected
    Hey man, I followed your tutorial to the T yet when I start PlusEmulator.exe - ensuring that all the files you changed were changed - I get a 404 error "Object not found!" error. Help!
    Hi..... , I need your help with some bugs in my plusemu habbo retro, please add me on discord... Croc #8687, pleaseeeeeeeee. Ill really appreciate it if you can fix one of the many bugs
    hey i have a question about the habbo retro tutorial could you add me on discord please Callum
    Hello SentimentalX, I really liked your video "[Devbest Series] [Ep. 1] How to create a R36B Habbo Retro using XAMPP". In the comment section of the tread you said I will show you in the next video how to do this on a vps, Does that video already exists? If you have any time on your hands I hope you can contact me. Discord: Tylerr#8741
    Hey, I have a few questions about setting up a habbo retro. Contact me on Discord: nilled#8166, thanks.
    Hi Man! Thanks it is almost working for me. My Habbo is starting in a corner and when I use :teleport and click in the room, my skin appears and then disappears.. This is also happening with pets and bots.. How can I fix that?
    You can add me on Discord: Rick#2911
    Hey bro, I know you might have a fix for this but my furnis arent showing on the store or in the room, also i am not able to buy HC or new clothing
    If you use discord, please reply with it and I'll help you through there.
    eriicriioz#7454 im new to discord and havent learned
    Salutations SentimentalX!

    My name is Ai, I am the Operations Director and Owner of gHotel - we are currently on Pg. 1 of FindRetros.
    We have had a little internal issue, and are now looking for a productive, active, and level-headed Developer.

    If you are interested,
    Please add me on Discord: Ai#1558
    I'm afraid I am no developer, my sincere apologies.
    Hi SentimentalX!

    I followed your guide properly, and managed to finish it

    I was wondering if I could talk to you about bits and bats, as im just using what i've done as a test!

    If you have Discord can I add you :)
    Drop your discord and I'll add you. I don't like disclosing my discord - sorry.
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