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  • Hi mate, when i've typed local host on chrome it says something to do with i was unable to connect to The MYSQL Server
    Hi. I have tried making a retro hotel based on your episode 1 back in 2019. I followed everything you did but when i put in "localhost" it put me right to the Xampp homesite? What can i do?
    Hey are you still active? i need help on something.. i did everything perfectly on the tutorial ep.1 but when i join the hotel, my character can't move anywhere and seems stuck in one vector of the room , what do i do?
    Last seen: Mar 30, 2020
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    Lol rip
    Hello there. I set up my hotel but there are still things I don't understand I'm using discord, can you please add me? I would be glad if you could help me on discord. Discord: Petunia#2454
    Last seen Mar 30, 2020.
    Hi! I need help with my remote desktop please. If you could add me on discord that'd be amazing. Yas #7242
    Thanks for making those tutorials, made me understand a bit more about Windows Server :)
    can somebody help me to setup a client for localhost? It loaded only up to 76% and then it ended? can somebody help me please? my discord: CB058#3103 , if you can build a professional one, i will pay for it ;p just message me on my discord. thanks ;p
    Hi! I have followed your tutorial about setting up a retro hotel with XAMPP. My hotel was up and running on my VPS perfectly, but suddenly the client stopped working. When you open the client it loads up to 76% and then it redirects to a page with the swf gamedata -->Index of /game/gordon/PRODUCTION-201701242205-837386173 -- Could you please help me out? My Discord is noahdewild#8174
    Have a couple of questions about the retro hotel tutorial if u could add me on disc Nani#9300
    I have a problem with youre tutorial. When i go into my room i spawn outside it and cant get in. Even with teleport i cant get in. How do i fix this ?
    Hi there was wondering if you could add me on discord ????#5111 sorry for the weird name will need to copy and paste but i have run into some issues with the tutorial
    hey i need some help, when i ran my client nothing showed it was a white screen.
    i cleared the cache and it didnt work.
    my discord is Neon#6996
    Looking for some to build us (RubyNetwork) to build a Habbo hotel.

    Budget: 35 euro.

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