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    Web Hosting Company - Hiring

    Just to confirm - I have nothing to do with retros and for the other positions your probably better off looking at other forums.
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    Web Hosting Company - Hiring

    Not all of us on here have anything to do with retros though (like me). But yeah I wouldn't hire some 13yr old who can set up a habbo retro to manage your servers.
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    Web Hosting Company - Hiring

    I think I'd be perfect for working in a customer service position, I can answer either via live chat or through phone. I'm fluent in both written & spoken English; I was born in England myself. I have a strong southern British accent, which is perfect for interacting with customers. I'm also...
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    Cyclone - HTML5 Engine [TypeScript, Phaser, React, SocketIO, MultiDB]

    You've actually got further than anybody else. Incredible work - I never thought anybody would ever finish a HTML5 Habbo, but if you do you've saved habbo retro lifespans for a few more years. 1554677876 After going through your codepen, even more impressive. Honestly looking forward to where...
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    Downvote System

    I understand what you mean, but thats like the police saying they won't investigate home robberies, because the public will get mad because alot of criminals will still be around who just dont do home robberies, when the desired result would be to get as many as possible in prison instead of...
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    Minecraft Username: Ladip123 (I think) Do you still play: Nah not anymore, but I would if I felt like it. If yes, how many hours a week: 0 What kind of servers do you play? (PVP, survival, creative): I used to love survival servers. Would you be interested in Minecraft community events...
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    Arcturus emulator

    Could you include a little more information? i.e what OS your VPS is running on, etc
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    PC Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Thanks man, Il probably pick it up next time I'm near a store.
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    PC Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    I'm probably gonna get it. Your opinion on it though?
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    Recruiting Swift & Efficient VA Needed!

    I've considered using Stripe however the vast majority of purchases come from peoples PayPal Balances & to make it even worse PayPal has opened me up to potential legal issues due to the fact that they are not even allowing me to refund my customers & expect me to still fulfil the orders, even...
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    Recruiting Swift & Efficient VA Needed!

    Paypal has just completely fucked me, atm this job isn't needed until I can get my money back from them.
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    Recruiting Swift & Efficient VA Needed!

    Alright man that sounds good, you got any prior experience? What hours can you work daily?
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    What should I do before I get old

    Start a business, I know this sounds cliche & overrated but honestly 2019 so many markets are emerging & showing potential so find one that you personally have experience with think of something that people in that market could use, create it and profit
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    Reviewing Every Minecraft Block

    Mad Lad Level: Prestige: 3 level 55