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    Free FlashUI [Developement]

    Hey everyone me and @HelioKroger decided instead of making two separate Flash UI we could collaborate instead. So you can follow this thread instead:
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    Free FlashUI [Developement]

    Right now I'm working on the shop
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    Free FlashUI [Developement]

    I will try to replicate it as close as I can without editing anything in the Nitro source. The purse component will also be edited but I'm starting off with all the big windows and then I take everything else. I started working on this 2-3 days before I opened this thread. I will post more...
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    Thank you PeakRP

    Oh they shut down? Sad to see such a good retro shutting down!
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    Free FlashUI [Developement]

    Hi there, I just wanted to share that right now I'm working on a Flash-inspired UI for Nitro that I will release for free when it's done. The plan is not to touch anything within the Nitro source (that's why it's just Flash-inspired) because in that way the UI doesn't need to get as many...
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    Old-school hotel in HTML5 -

    Are you a true old-school player that loved the old-school UI and the retro vibe of Habbo? Then PastHabbo is the hotel for you, we are the one and only old-school hotel that only has an HTML5 client. This is a hotel that is based on the golden years of Habbo (2000-2007) We are still a work in...
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    Recruiting Removed