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    Looking for a Dev

    Our team is looking for an experienced developer to join our team of 6. We already have a highly developed fast moving project but need more developers to have hands on to finish the project. Were looking for someone with HTML5 knowledge and preferably knowledge on other languages such as Java...
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    Recruiting Habo Retro Developer

    Already found someone no longer need this thread
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    Recruiting Habo Retro Developer

    Im looking for a full time delopver to help with updates and running of the hotel. If your interested in applying please DM me and pay can be negotiable.
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    Client stuck 76%

    Thanks guys got it fixed this thread can be closed now :P
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    Client stuck 76%

    Ive setup a retro using Arcturus emulator 1.16 and BrainCMS 1.9.1 the client hangs at 76% i have checked the firewall and ports on the vps and everything seems fine. ive been trying to get this to work all day checking the files, database etc. and i now dont know what else to try. If anyone is...
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    Amazing Drone!

    that looks pretty cool
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    Samsung Galaxy vs LG

    samsung all the way
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    Do you think there will be a new OS in the future?

    windows 15 lol
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    League of Legends League Of Legends

    what a crap game
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    Call of Duty BREAKING: Activision says Call of Duty 2017 will 'take Call of Duty back to its roots'

    cod is better with the classic shit non of that stupid futuristic crap still prefer the good old black ops 2
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    used to but not anymore
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    FIFA FIFA 17

    i used to have it