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    VPS Portforwarding?

    Thanks yeah i got it working!
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    VPS Portforwarding?

    Hello im about to buy a VPS for my Habbo retro I want to know can anyone help me port forward on my VPS for my Habbo Retro? Or tell me how step by step please? Thanks for your time!
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    How to make a lobby room for my R63 Hotel?

    Hello im running a R63 hotel and it is not for public and not for friends just for myself to mess around with And i intend to work on it for a while before i let friends play on it with me I need to know how to make a room that you go to as lobby room as the client loads... I have no clue as im...
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    Habbo v18 Rp Server?

    Hello can someone recommend me a v18 oldschool Rp Server i can use for my hotel?
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    Kepler SETUP Help please?

    Okay i found the correct Xampp to use for Kepler but i get this error why? Someone please help me tell me how to fix this! Thanks for your time :)
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    Is it actually possible? "v18 widescreen client"

    Hello im wanting to know is it possible to actually have a v18 dcr pack where the client is larger "wide screen" as it usually is for a v26 hotel? I mean would that even be possible and if so how would i go about Making a v18 dcr pack widescreen similar to a v26 dcr pack client? Thanks for...
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    Hello how would i make a Oldschool Habbo Client.EXE instead of hosting it on a html page? I love the idea of having a actual .exe client for my OldSchool Habbo retro... Is it possible for anyone to help? I found something but i cant get it working.. It looks like this: Anyone can help me?
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    How to turn my Nitro Hotelview to a room?

    Thanks to both of you!
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    How to turn my Nitro Hotelview to a room?

    Hello im using the newest Nitro anyway im wanting to know how to change so when you login you go to a room instead of going to HotelView. Please help :) Thanks for your time!
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    New Nitro Hotel Looking For Staff Team!

    Hello i made a new Habbo Retro using the Newest Up-To-Date Nitro! Im looking for a Co-Admin Im also looking for a General Manager And atleast 3 moderator positions And Finally a CMS Customizer! Also My Hotel uses Hamachi so you would need Hamachi installed! If anyone is interested then add me...
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    How to Translate an entire Db to english for my Hotel?

    Thanks for the advice! <3
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    Searching for a community manager.

    Yes dont trust Rhyce/Rhost he is not legit and not trust worthy! 1666293050 I have spoken to Rhyce/Rhost because he contacted me recently and i totally agree dont trust him!
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    Can anyone explain to me how retro habbo works?

    Hello so basically a "Habbo Retro" comes in different forms, "Oldschool" and "Modern" And what a Habbo Retro basically does is "Emulate" The actual game known as Habbo Hotel.... What do i mean by Emulate? Basically people on this forum release their own "Habbo Retro Files" Which you can setup...
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    How to Translate an entire Db to english for my Hotel?

    So i finally got my Hotel up and Running perfectly only everything is in German and I cant translate any of it... I dont know how... Anyway here is some screen shots of my CMS and Hotel/Client working: Everything in the Database is German so basically my CMS is fine but the actual Client...
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    Whats better then Xammp?

    Just for me and a few friends yeah :)