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    [HELP] Move Habbo Menu to the Left

    Your responses literally make me lose faith in humanity holy fuck
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    Holo5 - HTML5 Engine [NodeJS, TS, Sass, MySQL]

    CyClOnE uSeS iT As if what another projects stack includes really matters. I'm sure that he'd rather use something he is familiar with rather than something else. People choose what frameworks, languages, etc to use because it's why they know. I'm all for Mongo or Postgre but considering how...
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    PHP echo rows in table

    What's the point in adding a closing <tr> tag every six if you're not even using an opening tag lol
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    PHP echo rows in table

    Your code doesn't even have an opening tr tag so that's gonna be an issue lol
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    PHP echo rows in table

    Either you're missing parts to your code or I have no clue what you are trying to accomplish..
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    Issues regarding Findretros and voting.

    Do you not know how averages work?? That's your average votes from the week not your total votes.. If you get 10 votes a day for 7 days your average is still going to be 10.. (10+10+10+10+10+10+10) / 7 = 10 (10+8+11+7+22+6+9) / 7 = 10 (10.4 rounded) (6+17+16+15+15+18+15+2) / 7 = 15 (14.8...
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    Issues regarding Findretros and voting.

    8-10 users daily with 10-15 votes daily.. You're getting more votes than you are users so I see no issue.. :oops:
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    Retro - Coast [PlusEMU] Play today!

    That's not how that works.. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Retro - Coast [PlusEMU] Play today!

    Agreed with BRAN, your CMS needs a fair bit of work because by default it's ugly and the changes you've done hasn't made it much better in the grand scheme of things. Also, buy a real domain... You can legit get a .pw domain for < $1.50 and if you can't afford $1.50 then you're just another...
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    Flash Holo Hotel Canada

    This is looking pretty good, 10/10 would play.
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    GoldFish CMS [1.3.0][Arcturus Morningstar]

    How in the hell do you confuse RevCMS and Laravel? They're not even remotely the same?
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    Feedback FEEDBACK on Graphics Done.

    Loading screen's background does not look good and the logo doesn't really fit the theme either personally. It just seems thrown together overall. The banner is nice however like said, the text is a bit iffy and I'm not personally a fan of longer GIF's (one's where it takes a bit before the...
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    Each's Professional YouTube Thumbnails!

    I hope the thread image isn't an example because it looks absolutely terrible and something thrown together half-assed with little to no thought about it.