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    client dousn't load

    yes flash is on. Now I only see this: it does not indicate a percentage, the emulator does not indicate that someone is in the hotel, etc. Everything is set properly including the emulator I hope someone can help me further 1579006780 I have now got him so far that he comes to the hotel, but...
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    client dousn't load

    Hello, i have a php retro cms because i like the old system, i also have an r63 swf pack, only the original client.php was broken. It just kept on white, so I adjusted it so that it already did a little more and therefore gave a black screen and could load etc. But it still doesn't want to...
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    Buy belcredits store - retro hotel help

    I am looking for a tutorial for creating a store to buy calling credits via paypall. Someone who can help me with this? This is the page I have without a system in it: <?php $page['allow_guests'] = true; require_once('./includes/core.php'); require_once('./includes/session.php')...