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    xampp mysql connect error

    What CMS are you trying to use ?
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    Unable to edit Plusemu or anything with it

    Sounds like a database issue, any errors saved in the logs folder, mainly MySQL error logs ?
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    How to fix this errors? [PLUSEMU]

    Looks like your Auth ticket is not working correctly
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    [Release] Christmas 2019 Furniture

    Thank you for the release Direct mirror link -
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    New Custom Dragon Crackable Box

    Thanks for sharing Here is a backup mirror -
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    [Release] Rainy Day Furni Pack (PLUS & Fixed Interactions)

    Thanks for sharing Also - Direct backup mirror -
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    [REL] Fresh Server [R63, Pre Shuffle, C#]

    I assume this emulator works with the standard Phoenix swfs, just in case anyone is looking for a pack, Here you go
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    Post your Twitter!
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    Hosting with Retro hotel setup

    We are happy to allow people to host retros on our servers but sadly cannot directly support them as sometimes people try to abuse the support we offered in the past expecting us to apply every fix, new features to their emulators and CMS. When we advised them this was not part of our service...
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    Hi, Do you recommend a proxy site?
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    Check the version of PHP you have installed, if the version is to new for RevCMS it will not work as the mysql_connect functions are no longer used.
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    What is the error message ?
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    The code I provided for index.php place that at the top of your index.php file and then the code that was already inside this put here "Normal HTML Here" you do not need the header part as I made this to work on the standard index.php, if you want the check to be performed on prova.php you...
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    Hi guys, need help with this client image

    I believe this is stored in c_images\reception, simply paint over "habbo" and generate yours using one of the many font generators and add using something like
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    How did you include this on your site ? Have you got your own site / secret keys from Google ?