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    [Release] Autumn 2019 Custom Furniture

    Nice release! Thank you for sharing. :)
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    [Devbest Exclusive Series] [Ep. 1] How to create a R36B Habbo retro using XAMPP

    Awesome tutorial! Keep them coming. :)
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    Problem loading the cms + Your thoughts on what emu to use.

    As above, Morningstar is a good one to go for. Plus does work, but you would need to do a heck of a lot of work to get it to any sort of workable/usable standard tbh.
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    [HELP] Move Habbo Menu to the Left

    I thought we were talking habbo hotel here, not website development ngl LOL
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    Video SpOwOky OwOky Pumpkin Song

    This is swuper spwooky, I like it!!
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    Introduction Food Penther

    This looks interesting lol.
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    PC Rockstar has released its own game launcher

    I think Rockstar are trying to keep hype up whilst they delay GTA 6 personally...however it's nice to see that they did give SA away for free (had it already). Launcher looks clean and user friendly though from what I have used of it so far.
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    What is/was your favourite retro that you played on?

    Not gonna lie, Peace Hotel was good when it was around..shame it's not here now. Other than that, with Habboon being one of the most long-standing, I have tended to use that more than anything. :P
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    Old Style Furni (made by me) + SFW

    Hey!, I really like the look of these. :) The only thing I would suggest is lightening the brown on them, as it is a little dark, but that is just my opinion... Thanks for sharing!
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    [RELEASE] PRODUCTION-201812272209-984739530

    Everything appears to work well on this. Excellent release, thank you! :)
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    18 New Furnis (Heroes, Bonus Rares and Posters)

    Looks good - thanks for releasing this. :)
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    How tall are you?

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    Flash Habbo.LOL ~ Bringing the fun back to Habbo retros!

    This looks interesting.
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    Recruiting Developer(s)

    I'd me more than willing to help out, for sure. :)
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    Recruiting Developer(s)

    Feel free to hit me up if you need any help with that. :)