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    Help whith ShineEMU RP *Based off Plus*

    By mount do you mean set the entire thing up?
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    [Release/Continued] VisionR4 (Emu - CMS - SWF) [Release]

    Before you ask, I did this a while back and have no interest in anything like this anymore so no point in keeping it. Might be shit to you but the beginners will enjoy it. This is a continued version of Hender's Flux Emulator with various different edits, implemented features and more. I have a...
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    Altering the Chat Codes

    Wondering if there's a way to add the "*" before the Habbo's Username when they use commands. Can do it via the serialization but that alters everything. Code: var chatMsg = new ServerMessage(); chatMsg.Init(shout ...
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    [Request] - PlusEMU Room Poll Code

    LMAOOO, Oops, will add it now.
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    [Request] - PlusEMU Room Poll Code

    Wondering if anyone still has the code for the attached image, Wanting to try a few thing with it. Cheers - Also if this is in the wrong section, my bad, didn't know where to put it.
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    [HELP] - XML Head Only Code

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to set the avatar image in the userview box to be a headonly, tried everything along the lines of headonly, head_only, integers, booleans and what not. Not seeming to get it. If anyone can, cheers. -- Scratch that, done it. Moderator close thread please.
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    [Plus Emu] ;ha Problem

    Check that the rank you're using is allowed this command in the database.
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    How to make a R63B hotel with IIS Habbo Emu

    The cms doesn't need to be compatible with the swfs? Just make sure you set the correct links for the swfs in your config and client.php. The only thing that needs to be compatible with the swfs is the revision of your emulator...
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    How to make a R63B hotel with IIS Habbo Emu

    ... No, who on earth told you that?
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    How to make a R63B hotel with IIS Habbo Emu

    There's numerous CMS' you can use just search it. Or just download RevCMS - Probably the easiest for beginners.
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    [PlusSWF] SWF Styling

    bottom_bar_background > Add visible="false" to the end.
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    [HELP] - Icon Bar Location

    Hello, I'm currently editing my habbo.swf via HabboUI Editor and I'm wondering where the the icons code will be placed, I'm attempting to change the positioning of the icons. Cheers.
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    [HELP] - SWF Editing

    @Joshhh Thank you, managed to redesign the purse box now from this code, also removed the bottom bar, any chance you know how to reposition the icons?
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    [HELP] - SWF Editing

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows the location for the removal of the bottom bar on the latest UI swf. Would also appreciate it if anyone knows a way to redesign the grid_purse to remove everything apart from the coins and duckets. EDIT: Is there any way to align the icons to the top left...