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    [Maint Mode] Habjet Maintenance Mode v1.2 (PDO, IP Counter)

    Stolen from a German forum:
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    #DB10 - The Decade Retrospective

    True, without habbo this Forum would be dead.
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    [DESIGN] Bobba CMS Layout

    Hello, this is a unfinished Layout we were planning to use for our Project. Since i don't need it anymore ya'll can have it. Its designed in Adobe XD, have fun. Screenshots: Download:
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    [!!UPDATED][RP]StarzRP CMS

    good to see that our old bobba design is still being used :P
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    Habbo Phone (2020 edition) / iPhone X

    How is this considered a Release??
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    Unicorn Emulator + SWFs

    then add the columns yourself its not that hard u have the source. 1585523476 Check
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    Unicorn Emulator + SWFs

    Hello, today i am releasing the Emulator which HabboST uses. It is based on Plus Emulator. The Source isn't included, but shouldn't be hard to decompile. Emu has some nice Features, but idk what exactly. U can test it on or I don't give Support. SWFs and DB is included...
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    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    Looks great ;)
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    Anniversary - Furni Pack

    Great, even tho i don't like the Flame of the middle Dragon. Nevertheless cool Release 8)
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    [Release] Coral King Rares (There are 17 rare)

    Looks great, good work from the HabboST :)