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    ZucaCMS ~ RevCMS Heavy Edit ~ Feedback

    It looks okay but to me it just looks like other retro edits have been put together, not a bad thing but maybe expand on the design a little, looking forward to seeing it finished 🙂
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    np sweet cheeks

    np sweet cheeks
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    Looking for a dev! will get salary

    Pm me what u want making/changing and I'll send it over to you
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    Light OR Dark?

    I dark theme everything coz my rooms always dark asf so it'd be too bright for my eyes 😂 I do think light mode looks better tho.
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    Stadium Background

    maybe do some custom rooms for roleplay retros like shops and fighting areas police stations, u could also do seasonal ones like summer winter and also special days like 4th of july or something
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    Stadium Background

    Looks nice, u going to do more?
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    nitro client

    work in progress?
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    HTML/CSS Responsive question

    Grid works great with media querys atleast I think, if u find a way let me know 😉
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    HTML/CSS Responsive question

    I use flex and grid for responsive templates maybe take a look into those
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    Chocolatey CMS - The Clone

    i know but he asked for arc
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    Chocolatey CMS - The Clone

    @Solid bro did u not read it LMAOOOOO, yeah this cms works ONLY with arcturus
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    Unsure how to edit BrainCMS nav bar.

    no problem but still if u do find what the problem was still post it here for the future <3
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    Unsure how to edit BrainCMS nav bar.

    using cloudflare: put in development and re clear your browser cache. send a pic of the $lang['Nstaff'] config file if its just one language just delete the php tags and code inbetween and put staff there, are u editing it from the i think its called header.php in inc folder
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    how can i do double emu enable?

    @Solid if you're ever free explain how to do it for this guy