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    ball plus emulator

    How can I put a good ball on my emulator? Use Plus Emulator
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    [NEW] Lotto System

    @Pollak how to use?
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    FluxRP compatible emulator

    Hi, I need an emulator compatible with the FluxRP pack, which has the wired fixes. thank you
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    [Release/Continued] VisionR4 (Emu - CMS - SWF) [Release]

    what versions xampp?
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    Apartment HabFlux RP

    The rooms_data tables are: INSERT INTO `rooms_data` (`id`, `roomtype`, `caption`, `owner`, `description`, `category`, `state`, `users_now`, `users_max`, `model_name`, `public_ccts`, `score`, `tags`, `icon_bg`, `icon_fg`, `icon_items`, `password`, `wallpaper`, `floor`, `landscape`, `allow_pets`...
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    Apartment HabFlux RP

    Hi, when I have to sell a room, go to the database in rp_apartment I put the id of the room owner and cost restarting the emulator. When the user enters the room and type the command: buyapartment says "the room is not an apartment" How do yousolve?
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    HabFlux Navigator

    ok you can close theread
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    HabFlux Navigator

    I wanted to enable to give you the opportunity to create room for users. If anyone knows how to do it can you tell me? Thank you.
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    HabFlux Navigator

    I know that users must use the taxi, but from the rank> 5 automatically the navigator works, I can not make it available to users too?
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    HabFlux Navigator

    Hi, Use HabFlux RP, is the navigator trained for the staff only, would I want to also train him/it for the consumers, as I can do?
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    Wired Rotation bug

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    Wired Rotation bug

    Hi, I use FluxRP with its emulator, some wired as precisely that of the rotation of the furni is bugs as I can laugh I do not speak English but Italian, help me thank you!