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    Flash Lubbo - A great community welcoming all

    insert nut emoji here. beautiful, just beautiful!
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    [!!UPDATED][RP]StarzRP CMS

    OFF-TOPIC: Is farooq even around anymore, it'd be nice to catch up with him ON-TOPIC: Nice release, Looks great!
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    [EubboCMS] Habwish Edit

    Like I've said before, My release is different from the screenshots because the kid who stole it made it look terrible. It has added pages and things of that nature. Its a clean CMS with very little imperfections on the release download. This is compatible with PlusEMU r2, you can convert it to...
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    Layer 7 Attacks

    Yeah I know, I stooped pretty low.
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    Layer 7 Attacks

    Yo they did that to you to? They spammed my server with 200 bots that spammed "xD" lmaooo
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    Layer 7 Attacks

    That kid has been shit talking my hotel for months now and then continues to come on and advertise and boot my hotel off after he even stole my CMS. Read the other thread and you'll understand why I've done what I did. I won't apologize for shutting it down. and No I never complained about...
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    What is a good host for a habbo retro?

    Exactly he wanted to sit there downplaying the fact that I had an issue with my proxy and yet still refused to help get it fixed because apparently its "not his problem" but yet @NOC , went out of there way to BUY a new server to fix the issue we were having. You are a shitty host and provide a...
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    Community warning

    Im equally bad and guilty? I had no part in this besides being screwed over by one guy.
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    Community warning

    This is the type of toxicity we are talking about, why would we possibly want to associate ourself with someone who decided to take down our hotel? Apology not accepted, you have screwed over so many people in this community and honestly gave yourself a bad rep, hence why you keep changing your...
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    Setting up CMS gives blank Localhost page

    Add my discord, Daltron#5227 Ill install IIS correctly and get the cms up for you
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    Is it REALLY 10 years though?

    Its an eu hotel.
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    Feedback Graphics I made for a client.

    The school shooter one had me sideways, These look great as always!
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    Flash - The place to be

    Good luck mate, wild to see the name otaku used again. We all miss Aaron :P.
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    Community warning

    Lmao, Now you want to apologize? After we hired you out of the goodness of my heart and trusted you to run the hotel due to the fact that I had no time. Then once we were "hacked" you claim you had nothing to due with it? Comes to find out you decided to create a VPS account without my knowledge...
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    What is a good host for a habbo retro?

    Ill let you know.